Flagstaff Happy Hour Speicals

There are a lot of choices when it comes to dining. So we're going to feature the TOP 6 PLACES TO EAT in each of the most popular types of cuisine in effort to help you make a quick, easy, and delicious decision!

Who doesn't love and miss happy hour? FInd Flagstaff's best happy hour specials going on right now. Even during this uncertain time, there are still some restaurants and bars offering great happy hour specials in Flagstaff. But please, if you're dining out. wear your mask to be respectful of the staff and others who are taking a risk to serve and be out in public. Flagstaff has a very close and considerate community, so if you're visiting, please social distance even when dining out, wash your hands, wear a mask or stay home if you don't feel well. Our little mountain town loves to be social, but likes being healthy even more!