There are a lot of choices when it comes to dining. So we're going to feature the TOP 6 PLACES TO EAT in each of the most popular types of cuisine in effort to help you make a quick, easy, and delicious decision!

Downtown Flagstaff restaurants and bars are definitely the scene if you want to get the "Flagstaff experience." Downtown Flagstaff has probably the best downtown scene in Arizona, although we're admittedly a little biased. Who can beat perfect, sunny, patio weather food and drinks while people-watching or listening to fun live music in the summer and boozy hot drinks by a fire in the winter? Downtown Flagstaff restaurants offer all kinds of local and ethnic cuisine all within walking distance of each other. Flagstaff is also known to be a drinking town with a mountain problem. From craft breweries and cocktails to college bar dives, we've got it all (and there's never any need to drive or rideshare to a new location unless you're calling it a day and need a ride home or back to where you are staying). The "mountain problem" is that most of the Flagstaff locals empty out of Downtown Flagstaff by 10pm as there's a lot of mountain biking, hiking, ski/snowboarding, kayaking, rock climbing, trail running, etc. that needs to be done the next day. But 10pm is also about the time that the college students start making their way into the Downtown Flagstaff bars. We enjoy our cool, little mountain-college town vibe and think you'll get a kick out of it, too.