Private Grand Canyon Hiking Tours

Join us on one of our private Grand Canyon hiking tours and experience the canyon up close and personal! We offer guided hiking tours of the Grand Canyon on several of the best trails along the South Rim, departing from Flagstaff or Grand Canyon in the early morning. Our expert guides will discuss with you your experience and skill level in order to decide which hiking trails would be the best fit for you. Is there a specific trail you have been dying to hike? Great! Our professional guides are here to make sure you have the best experience possible. Because our hiking tours are completely private, your hiking experience is personalized and can be as long or as short as you want. On our Grand Canyon hiking tours, you can opt for a full day of hiking, or we can split the day between hiking and sightseeing. You’ll experience the canyon like never before. When you walk down the canyon, you are walking through geologic time. See the rock layers, and learn about the canyon’s millions of years of geologic history. Enjoy picture-perfect viewpoints along the trail and capture every breathtaking moment.

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