Stargazing, Deep Space Imaging, and Astroportraits

Experience stargazing under truly dark skies, just outside of the world's first international dark sky city...Flagstaff, Arizona, where we will experience what is considered some of the darkest night skies in the world...bortle class 1-2.

During our star-talk, we will not only have traditional telescopes available to use, but we will also be utilizing a deep-scape imaging telescope that you will be able to connect your phone to. As the night carries on, images of whatever galaxy or nebula we choose will appear brighter and clearer.

The evening will be filled with stories of the cosmos, discussions about dark sky conservation, constellation stories and mythology, warm drinks, laughs during our laser-guided star talk.

To end the night, we will take your photo under the stars using professional-grade astro/photography imaging equipment. Just one more incredibly unique and special memento to bring home to memorialize your time in beautiful Flagstaff, Arizona.

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