Square Root Buger

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22 E Birch Ave
Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Tel: 928-856-9600

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Always located at downtown Late for the Train/Vino Loco parking lot.

Our story is unique
The owners of Square Root Burger are two local farmers and a culinary chef.

Bryan Lubbehusen and Jack Flaccus are the dynamic duo “aka” the farmers. Both are Flagstaff natives that have the passion and skill to master the production of fresh produce. Both farmers have 5 years under their belt at Walnut Grove Farms located in Kirkland, AZ. They met the culinary chef Brian Konefal from selling him fresh produce for his restaurant Coppa Café.

Brian Konefal is executive chef and co-owner of Flagstaff ‘s best European style restaurant Coppa Cafe. Serving the community with aboard taste from regions all over Europe since 2011. With 15 plus years of experience in the restaurant industry, he has become a well known chef.

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